Kee Klamp guardrails for warehouse racking

  • Kee Klamp guardrails provide additional safety for operatives accessing warehouse racking.
  • Kee Klamp guardrails provide additional safety for higher warehouse shelving.
  • Kee Klamp guardrails provide additioanl safety for workers accessing industrial racking.
  • Kee Klamp guardrails provide additional safety for pallet racking.
  • Kee Klamp guardrails provide additional safety for operatives accessing warehouse racking.

Installation Details

Kee Safety Singapore has recently helped a customer - Eye Lighting International, by providing protective KEE KLAMP guardrails for their warehouse racking.

Eye Lighting International is a leading manufacturer of high lumen output lighting for the industrial, infrastructure and parking markets. In their busy Singapore facility, they wanted staff to be able to safely access the quickly turned over stock.

A guardrail was requested to protect warehouse operatives working at height should the need arise to access the top level of the racking, that could also be easily dismantled if required.

KEE KLAMP fittings were chosen to construct the railing, providing a competitively priced alternative to a locally fabricated system. KEE KLAMP guardrail solution offered many advantages:

  • Shorter lead time - by using off the shelf components rather waiting for a guardrail to be fabricated.
  • Quick and easy installation - with the whole system joined using hexagon socket head set screws there is no on-site welding or bending is required.
  • Easy on-site modification - fabricated systems need to be sent off site for re-working if unexpected obstacles occur.
  • Ability to quickly replace damaged sections of the guardrail - in busy warehouses with their use of forklift trucks it is not unusual for barriers or even racking to become damaged so possibility to replace parts easily, without having to cut, weld or re-work steelwork is very important.

KEE KLAMP fittings offer a variety of joining and mounting options with both side and top mounted base supports used on different parts of the warehouse racking on this project. The guardrail was built in sturdy bays of double uprights, allowing the individual sections to be able to be lifted out by simply undoing the KEE KLAMP fittings hexagon socket screws using a standard hex key.

Additional rails were fitted at the end of the storage racks to ensure the guardrail providing fall protection was up to the required height.

To further enhance the look and corrosion resistance of the guardrail, hot dipped galvanised tube and fittings were powder-coated to tie in the existing warehouse racking colour scheme.

As well as guardrails and barriers protecting workers in factories and warehouses, Kee Safety now has a whole portfolio of products enabling staff safely to access racking, mezzanines and loading bays including self-closing gates, pallet gates and custom made access platforms.

If you would like more information on any of our products or would like some assistance with your working at height, guardrail or safe access requirement please contact us.

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