Access Platform for Train Maintenance

Installation Details

The challenge

The roof area of a train contains many things that passengers simply take for granted. Strip away the interior ceiling panels and countless wiring looms are exposed that power things like the doors, lighting and device charging points.

Move onto the top of a carriage and you will find the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units (HVAC) that keep the environment below cool.

Strict enforceable mandatory regulations stipulate that HVAC systems must be regularly maintained, to ensure they are efficient, reduce carbon emissions and control the risk of the Legionella bacteria developing.

As the units are fixed to the top of the carriage roof, accessing these safely is a common challenge in a rail maintenance depot setting.

CAF USA approached us to help their personnel safely maintain the HVAC units. The available working space at the site was restricted in some areas, with access only possible on one side of the carriage, and the solution had to take this into account.


The solution

We designed a bespoke access platform that was ideal for accessing the roof of a train safely.

Set on a steel base to give a compact footprint, the lower tower structure was manufactured from aluminium with an inclined ladder to access the main upper working platform. The leading edge of this platform was fitted with fold-down flaps to close the gap between the platform and carriage roof.

On top, the fold-out boxing ring was manufactured from non-conductive fibreglass tube giving the maintenance personnel a 360° guarded work platform.

Modular in design, the system was flat-packed and shipped to the customer with full technical and training manuals, that detailed the build and operation of the system.


The benefits

Our customer received a wholly bespoke solution for safe working at height that met 100% of its requirements.

Base constructed of steel, giving a more compact footprint due to the restricted site access conditions.

Non-conductive fibreglass boxing ring. Live overhead wires in the depot environment ensured there was no risk of electrocution if the system accidently came into contact with workers.



Our bespoke access platform was exactly the right piece of equipment for safe working at height during the train maintenance.

Flat-pack design reduced the size of the container needed to ship the platform to a customer.

Technical and training manuals helped with the initial building of the system and the associated instruction in its safe operation.

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