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Product & Service Innovation

We launch new products on a regular basis and use our experience in international markets to drive innovation in these new areas.

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Committed to Product Development

We have a two-fold commitment to product development. Firstly, we enhance and improve the different products that are a well-established part of our portfolio, and secondly, we create new products that will separate people from hazards. 

Our innovation is not isolated to just physical products. It includes innovation in the technology surrounding the product too, like software and training. 

Three Examples from Our Product Innovation History

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Physical Products

Kee Track is a great example of this. After launching in 2021, this rigid rail system contained two core innovations. It’s clamshell connection, which allows the rail to be hung in place without being threaded through the brackets, and the purlin connection system which allows the rail to be hung in places that previously would’ve required additional reinforcement from structural steel.

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Software Technology

Our Kee Line configuration software allows our partners and installers to quickly receive information on the safety profile of their designs. Additionally, it outputs a clear bill of materials for easy quoting. Our POWER app enables our customers to quickly perform on-site Dynamic Risk Assessments, so they remain safe while specifying and installing the equipment needed to protect others.

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Workplace Inspection

Safety Services

Both directly and through our partners we are innovating an ever-increasing number of safety services. Examples of this include our online virtualised training for both products and certification.

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Product Development

When considering which products to put to market, we take them through the test. The basic product development timeline starts with the concept development before moving on to product development. Only after product finalisation and the pre-launch phase do we do a post-launch review. Asking questions like ‘What is this?’ ‘Do we want to do this?’ ‘Can we do this?’ ‘Will we do this?’ along the way.

We are thorough and have an extremely high standard when it comes to compliance. We’re not content with simple “me too” – we do our own testing.

Ideas for our safety products come from our extensive experience and communications with different people all over the globe. Every year we ask for their input in helping to develop new products.

If you have an idea, get in touch with us.

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