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BoxBolt® Blind Bolt

The blind bolt solution for connecting hollow section steelwork

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Giving sight to the blind (connection)

BoxBolt is a fully tested and approved blind fixing solution for connecting hollow section steelwork, or other steel structures where access is restricted to one side only. Their ease of installation eliminates the need for tapping, welding, strapping or through-bolting. BoxBolt fixings are suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular hollow sections. Featuring a hexagon head, BoxBolt can be installed with a standard set of wrenches, or alternatively, by using the unique BoxSok installation tool when assembly time needs to kept to an absolute minimum.

Simple, Safe & Speedy

Simplify connections

BoxBolt expanding bolts are designed to be easily attached from one side only of your steel connection. They provide a safe connection to steel structures without the need for costly and time-consuming welding or a specialist workforce.

Speedy installations

No special tools are required to install BoxBolt – two wrenches are all that is needed, thereby reducing installation costs and time. However, if time spent on-site is a major factor, our unique BoxSok rapid installation tool means that each BoxBolt can be secured in seconds.

Safety guaranteed

Unlike a welded solution, BoxBolt allows you to know exactly what your safe working loads are with a 5:1 safety factor.

Key Features

Quicker to install

With no special tools or installation skills required, BoxBolt can deliver savings in both time and cost on-site.

Tested and approved

BoxBolt is CE certified and approved for use by Lloyds Register (LR) type approval.

Designed to last

BoxBolt components are available in three finishes: zinc plated, galvanised and stainless steel, for long term corrosion resistance in any environment.

Exceptional shear loading performance

Fewer BoxBolt fixings are required to make shear connections, offering greater design flexibility and potential cost reductions.

Video Overview of BoxBolt

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Sizes and finishes to suit all applications

A wide range of BoxBolt sizes is available to suit the thickness of the steelwork being connected. Special lengths are also offered for non-standard applications.  BoxBolt connections are available in three finishes: zinc plated, galvanised, and stainless steel.

Clamping down on safety

  • Approved for use by Lloyds Register.

  • Complies with the DIN 18800 and Eurocode 3 design methods for bolted steel connections.

  • CE certified in compliance with Regulation 305/2011/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 9 March 2011 (the Construction Products Regulation or CPR).

  • The BoxBolt Type C is physically tested with International Accreditation Service certification, which guarantees load value with the correct torque applied, as stated in the Measurements and Specifications.

  • ICC ESR-3217 – BoxBolt is the first blind fastener to achieve ICC Testing and Approval.

  • Acceptance Criteria AC437 – This means all aspects of blind bolting are covered, and the product is safe to use for all blind connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I re-use the BoxBolt?
      No, however it can be removed and the hole in the steel used again with another BoxBolt. Some blind bolt type fastening systems alter the properties and shape of the steel, even when the BoxBolt is removed the hole in the steel remains in good condition.
    • Can the BoxBolt be removed?
      Yes, quite easily. If you remove the core bolt the cone will fall away and the body section can be prized out of the hole. Typically you would have to use a screw driver or a crowbar to lever under the collar section.
    • Can the BoxBolt be used in any shape of SHS?
      The BoxBolt can be used with rectangular, square, circular and oval shaped sections.
    • Can the BoxBolt be used with slotted holes?
      Yes, as long as the slotted hole is only in the outer material and a standard clearance hole is used on the box section. If there is any shear load this needs to be perpendicular to the direction of the slot.
    • Can the BoxBolt be used in concrete?
      No, the BoxBolt is intended only to be used where there is a cavity. As the cone is pulled up and into the body of the BoxBolt the fins require room to expand. If used in concrete the fins would not expand properly and the BoxBolt would not work as intended.
    • What is the finish on the BoxBolt?
      The mild steel BoxBolt has two different finish options, zinc plated or hot dip galvanised. Also they are available in Stainless Steel Grade 1.4401 (316). When ordering please specify which finish you require.
    • What materials are available?
      The standard BoxBolt is manufactured from mild steel. The material specification for the body and the cone is mild steel to BS EN 10083 Grade 1.1151. The core bolt manufactured from high tensile steel Grade 8.8. The Stainless Steel BoxBolt is manufactured in Grade 1.4401 (316).
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