Clothing Racks for Superdry Stores

Installation Details

Superdry, an international casual clothing supplier, has refurbished a number of their stores worldwide with KEE KLAMP clothing racks and other shopfitting structures, creating a strong industrial style.

Retail stores around the world have used KEE KLAMP fittings to display their products. Tables, shelves, and clothing racks can all be designed and built using KEE KLAMP tube fittings.

KEE KLAMP is popular withing designers and shopfitters, who often use our fittings, to quickly and easily build a wide variety of tubular structures for front and back of store applications.

Structures made from KEE KLAMP fittings are

  • Easy to assemble and reconfigure
  • Can be arranged into any shape or configuration
  • No drilling necessary, held in place by tension-set screws
  • Often used for its rugged, industrial look
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