Fall Protection For Data Centre Rooftops

Installation Details

The Challenge

Kee Safety  has recently worked with a leading global digital infrastructure company in the Middle East to allow safe access onto one of its data centre roofs.  The facility’s roof had 5 sections, 3 were membrane roofs and 2 were sandwich panels, which meant the chosen solution needed to work with both roof types.

Both standard guardrail and lifeline systems were ruled out early on in the project, as there were concerns about the weight of the standard guardrail using steel tube on the roof sections, while the roof structure would have to be penetrated during installation of the lifeline.  The potential risk of water leakage and dust contamination was too great for the extremely sensitive environment below. 


The Solution

The solution was the installation of KEEGUARD LITE - our free standing roof top guardrail with lightweight aluminium tube.  The simple counterbalance construction provided collective protection without compromising the roof membrane.

Our in-depth loading calculations were able to confirm that using aluminium tubing would reduce the overall weight of the system to an acceptable level.


The Benefits

  • Non-penetrating solution, so roof membrane will not leak
  • Counterbalance engineering provides maximum strength
  • No need for welding, bending or threading of tube allows fast and simple installation on site
  • Offers lower installation cost than fabricated tube
  • Delivers reliable collective fall protection



KEEGUARD - our modular, free standing railing system provides a permanent, safe and dependable barrier for the roof edge and does not penetrate the roof membrane . The KEEGAURD roof edge protection system is EN and OSHA compliant, and third-party tested for reliability.

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