Overhead Fall Protection for Warehouses & Manufacturing Plants

Installation Details

People loading and unloading delivery vehicle are at risk of a fall from height. Performing maintenance on top of manufacturing and distribution equipment can also be tricky. Workers often need to gain access to equipment, which is not very tall but has access points that require someone to work in an unsafe position.

Whether climbing on top of a CNC machine or maintaining a long section of conveyor, or working on top of a delivery vehicle, an overhead fall arrest systems is sometimes the only safe access solution for protecting people working in these situations.

With Kee Track - our overhead rigid rail fall protection system, you can keep your staff working in areas where there is a short fall distance safe and efficient.

The Kee Track system is suitable for factories, warehouses, depots and any other similar facilities with both high and standard roof heights, no matter the layout. It provides continuous handsfree protection for the user and is ideal for low-clearance applications.

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