Roof edge protection installed on IKEA roofs in South Korea

Installation Details

Kee Safety Singapore Pte Ltd has designed, supplied and supervised installation of the KEEGUARD free-standing roof edge protection system on IKEA buildings in South Korea. Installation has been done by the Kee Safety's Approved Fall Protection Partner in South Korea.

IKEA intends to build 10 new factories / warehouses in South Korea and has specified Kee Safety KEEGUARD roof edge protection on their roofs. The KEEGUARD free-standing guardrail system will provide permanent roof edge protection for areas where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required.

Due to the membrane roof in all IKEA factories / warehouses, penetration of the roof is not permissible. Our KEEGUARD free-standing edge protection is a non-penetrative system what makes it ideal for IKEA requirements. The system eliminates the chance of a leaking roof as it is counterbalanced by weights, which enable it to sit freely on the roofs surface.

KEEGUARD is a collective fall protection system, so there is no limit to the amount of people who can access the roof area at one time and there is no need for a specialised training. The system complies with European and OSHA legislation for safe working at height.

Kee Safety undertakes site surveys and provides a full design and installation service for any type of safety system. We have our own team of installers with vast experience of installing our fall protection systems. We also have a network of Kee Safety Approved Fall Protection Partners in the Asia Pacific Region, who have been trained by our technical experts and are experienced in installing Kee Safety systems. Please contact us for details.

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