Roof Guardrails for a Singapore Manufacturing Plant

Installation Details

KEEGUARD roof guardrails have been installed at a manufacturing plant of the Ciba Vision (Alcon) in Singapore. Ciba Vision is a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of contact lenses and lens care products.



The existing roofs of the Ciba Vision manufacturing plant had installed lifeline fall protection systems. As the lifeline is a personal fall protection system, it required a high level of user training. Any maintenance staff that needed to access the roof had to apply for approval before using the system, and every user had to be trained to use the lifeline system correctly.

Furthermore, the existing lifelines were designed based on fall arrest (to protect people in case of a fall) and not fall restrain (to prevent people from falling); which was against Ciba Vision safety objectives.

The management of the Singapore Ciba Vision manufacturing plant was looking for a safe fall protection solution.


Our Solution

Kee Safety Singapore conducted a site survey and recommended replacing the existing lifeline system with KEEGAURD Free Standing Roof Edge Protection.



KEEGUARD roof guardrails provide collective fall protection, which means the system can protect multiple people accessing the roof. If properly installed, KEEGUARD does not require any specialist training to ensure it works.

KEEGUARD roof edge protection system is fully tested and meets or exceeds current rooftop safety requirements. It is a modular free-standing rooftop guardrail system, which does not penetrate the roof membrane.

KEEGUARD is suitable for use on concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane and felt roof surfaces with slopes up to 10 degrees.



Kee Safety Singapore designed and supplied the product. Our approved fall protection installer, based in Singapore, installed the system.

The client was extremely satisfied with the installation done within their required time frame. KEEGUARD system provides safe access to the roof for all, who need to access it due to their work.

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