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2018 National WSH Statistics Report from MOM

2018 National WSH Statistics Report from MOM

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has published the Singapore Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Statistics Report 2018. According to the report, there were 41 fatal injuries in 2018, one fewer than in 2017. The fatal injury rate remained at the same level as the last year – at 1.2 per 100 000 people employed.

Workplace injuries

The number of workplace major injuries increased from 574 cases in 2017 to 596 in 2018; the number of minor injuries also increased.

Construction industry accounted for the largest share of fatal injuries of any industry in Singapore – 14 fatal injuries in this sector in 2018.

Falls from height, slips, trips and falls and vehicular-related incidents remained the top causes of fatal and major injuries in 2018; they accounted for 54% (22 cases) of all workplace fatal injuries in 2018.

The number of fatal injuries continues decrease since the Workplace Safety and Health Act was introduced in 2006. The improvements in the health and safety culture in the workplace “have been achieved through making companies and individuals liable for safety outcomes, imposing stiffer penalties and extensively engaging and educating industries.”


MOM inspections

MOM conducted more than 4,800 inspections in 2018, almost 2,700 inspections were carried out in the construction sector. More than 9,000 workplace safety and health breaches were uncovered and 69 Stop-Work Orders (SWO) issued.

"The top contraventions uncovered in the construction sector were situations that created fall risks such as failure to cover or guard openings and open sides at height, and failure to provide safe means of entry and exit within the workplace, and unsafe scaffolds. These inspections ran in tandem with the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council’s National WSH Campaign, ‘Take Time to Take Care of Your Safety and Health’, which aimed to raise awareness in three key areas of concern: vehicular safety risks, falls from height risks, and machinery-related hand and finger injuries."

MOM and the WSH Council are going to continue to conduct targeted inspections on companies with falls from height, slips, trips and falls, machinery and vehicular-related incident risks. Companies should make sure that safety measures are put in place and their staff is separated from hazards in the workplace.

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