News / Come and see us at RAIL Asia Expo 2018 in Bangkok

Come and see us at RAIL Asia Expo 2018 in Bangkok

Come and see us at RAIL Asia Expo 2018 in Bangkok

Come and visit us at the RAIL Asia Expo 2018 in the Expo Halls at Makkasan Airport Rail Link in Bangkok from 28-29 March. Kee Safety will be presenting our safety solutions for the Rail Industry at the British Pavilion.

Kee Safety's team will be on hand to discuss our solutions for the railway sector and to answer your questions.

Kee Safety Solutions for the Rail Industry

Kee Safety has supplied and installed safety barrier and fall protection systems across thousands of miles of rail networks, as well as numerous railway stations and structures throughout the world. Our systems are installed on the London Underground, many UK rail networks, Georgia Gulf Sulfer’s industrial rail plant in Bainbridge USA and the Mass Rapid Transit stations throughout northern Malaysia in Asia, to name just a few.

  • Flexible solutions for all types of safety handrails, railings and barriers
  • Comprehensive range of collective and personal fall protection systems
  • An extensive range of fixings designed for making steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding
  • Meet and exceed European and USA standards
  • Design and installation service ensuring compliance with major statutory requirements

Trackside Safety

We have been providing the rail sector with handrailing, trackside barriers, steps and ramp railings for over 80 years.

Barriers and handrailing systems constructed from KEE KLAMP fittings are proven to provide a more durable, versatile and cost-effective alternative to fabricated systems.

Handrails, guardrails and barriers are routinely fitted on one or both sides of a railway track; on parapets, bridges and other high risk areas; and, alongside access ramps, staircases and gradients in and around stations, and the wider rail network. These structures not only protect important trackside equipment and workers where there is a risk of a fall from height, they also assist with passenger guidance, and help secure safe, easy access for rail users and staff. 

Work at Height

KEELINE lifeline fall protection systems have been installed on many rail projects around the world, to provide a safe environment for people who have to work at height.

The horizontal lifeline system offers either personal fall arrest or fall restraint protection for multiple users. Our KEELINE lifeline system can be used on all types of roof surfaces.

KEELINE Overhead is used in situations where it is beneficial to have the lifeline system mounted directly above the user. Applications for use include vehicle loading and maintenance, machine maintenance and access, building maintenance and cleaning and overhead crane access.

Steelwork Connections

Our BEAMCLAMP and BOXBOLT fixings offer many solutions for the rail sector and allow steel connections to be made with the minimum amount of disruption to normal operations and reduce the risk of injury to passengers that can be caused by hot work such as drilling or welding.

To learn more about our safety solutions for the rail industry please download the brochure Safety Solutions for the Global Rail Industry.