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Full Height Ladder Safety Gates

Full Height Ladder Safety Gates

Kee Safety has expanded its KEE GATE self closing safety gates range and added full height ladder gates to its portfolio. All products from the KEE GATE safety gates range are CE marked and have been designed to make access to openings and restricted areas much safer.

KEE GATE Full Height Self Closing Gate

Full height gates from Kee Safety Singapore provide permanent protection for any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches and restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance & inspection is required.

Full height gates feature the same design and build quality, and spring-loaded mechanism as the single and double versions of our other KEE GATE options, but it has been designed to comply with BS 4211: Specification for Permanently Fixed Ladders. This make them perfect for providing safe rooftop access from ladders. The BS 4211 standard requires gates on ladders to offer the same level of protection as EN 14122 compliant guardrail.

The KEE GATE full height gate is 1.1m tall and features an aluminium toe board, providing additional protection to those working at any level. The gate width is fully adjustable and can accommodate openings up to 1m. The full height gate is available in both galvanised and powder coated options.

All Kee Safety's gates have been designed to provide a retro-fit solution to existing fixed structures, where opening protection is required, e.g. guardrails or roof edge protection systems already installed on the roof.


The BS 4211 standard for permanently fixed ladders specifically details requirements for safety gates on ladders and states:

“They should also be designed to provide the equivalent amount of guarding as any adjacent guarding provided at the arrival area e.g. by including at least a handrail, knee-rail and toe-plate, as defined in BS EN 14122-3:2001, 3.2”.

Features of the Full Height Self Closing Gate

  • Provides safe access for ladders
  • Reversible hinges can be on the left or right hand side of an opening to allow easy installation
  • Salt spray tested for corrosion resistance (672 hours) to allow continuous operation, even in corrosive environments
  • Compliant with BS 4211, EN 14122 : 2016, OSHA & CSA requirements.

More information about the KEE GATE full height gate is available on the KEE GATE product page.

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