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One Stop Shop for Working at Height Solutions

One Stop Shop for Working at Height Solutions

Kee Safety is a leading global supplier of collective and personal fall protection products that are designed to separate people from hazards. With a product range that boasts rooftop guardrails, deadweight anchors and engineered lifeline systems, Kee Safety Singapore is a one stop shop for providing working at height safety solutions in the APAC region.

Our company offers one of the most extensive safety product ranges on the market. Not only are the products designed using high quality materials, they also comply with relevant international standards. Here, we take a look at how Kee Safety Singapore products can provide the safety solutions to your working at height challenges.


Collective Fall Protection


It is not possible to avoid working at height.



When working at height is essential, prevent falls by using a collective fall protection system.


Kee Safety Singapore offers a number of collective solutions for different roof applications. The KEEGAURD roof edge protection range includes a modular free-standing rooftop guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof surface and can be used on flat roofs up to 10° slope. KEEGAURD works on a proven counterweight system. Recycled PVC weights provide a high visibility, non-slip secure base that does not penetrate the roof membrane. Galvanised fittings and tube deliver collective protection which ensures a safe working environment for anyone working on a roof.

If aesthetics are an important element on a project, and the client doesn’t want to see the fall protection equipment, KEEGUARD FOLDSHIELD offers a foldable solution. For standing seam metal roofs, KEEGUARD TOPFIX is the best option as it provides a suitable solution for roofs up to 45°. If roof access is just a temporary requirement, KEEGUARD PREMIUM is a great choice, as it is free standing and doesn’t penetrate the roof.


Personal Fall Protection


The roof is accessed regularly, but guardrails aren’t an option.



When guardrails can’t be used, falls can be prevented by using a personal fall protection system.


Kee Safety Singapore has a portfolio of personal fall protection products, including fall protection lifelines and deadweight anchor solutions. If a virtually invisible solution is required, the KEELINE horizontal lifeline system is the best option. Installed as a permanent personal fall protection system and suitable for use on several different roof types, it offers uninterrupted access for up to three users when used as a fall arrest system.

Designed for use on roofs where there are no permanent guardrails or other anchor devices, KEE ANCHOR is a range of portable roof anchor devices for the personal protection of workers carrying out roof level maintenance operations. Comprising WEIGHTANKA, ACCESSANKA and WIREANKA, these systems are designed for use on flat roofs.

Kee Safety strives to provide solutions to separate people from hazards, so its product portfolio extends wider than collective and personal fall protection systems to include rooftop walkways, skylight fall protection and fragile rooflight covers, roof step-over platforms and self-closing safety gates.

As well as supporting customers with a large product range, Kee Safety Singapore also offers expert advice and services, such as site surveys and a full design and installation service to ensure compliance with all major standards and statutory requirements.

To learn more about safety solutions offered by Kee Safety Singapore Pte Ltd, please download our new brochure introducing all products and services offered by the company.


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