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Pallet Gates Video

Pallet Gates Video

Kee Safety has recently launched a new range of Pallet Gates, designed to allow goods to be moved safely between floors in warehouses, loading bays and logistics centres.

Warehouses are dangerous environments due to potential hazards the workers face at work every day. Transporting pallets around warehouses can present a number of safety issues, especially when the employee has to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, and this could result in a fall from height.

Pallet Gates are a great option for eliminating this safety issue, as they provide a solution that results in employees always being separated from the hazard. Thanks to a simple design, when the gate is open for the worker to move the pallet towards the edge of the mezzanine floor, the other side of the gate is closed, ensuring the staff member or the pallet will never fall to the lower level, eliminating injury to themselves and others.

Kee Safety Pallet Gates can be easily fitted to existing mezzanine barriers; they are fully adjustable in width and can accommodate openings up to 1.9m, providing the ideal safety solution for protecting people and goods. 

The video below shows the 4 different types of Pallet Gates and demonstrates how easy it is to operate each gate.

If you are intersted in Kee Safety Pallet Gates or would you like more information on products, please Contact Our Sales Team.