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Safety Handrail Solutions for Factories

Safety Handrail Solutions for Factories

Safety at busy manufacturing plants is paramount. There are many situations at factories where it is necessary to ensure that the workforce is “separated from hazards” for its own safety. This applies in a number of different areas: from the safety and security of employees, through to delivery workers and visitors in equal measures.

Why You Should Install Safety Handrails

Many areas at manufacturing plants require safety guardrailing. Safety handrail systems are designed for separating people from hazards in areas which may be dangerous or have controlled access to.

Handrails and guardrails provide a structure which improves awareness of danger. They are ideal for areas around machines and workstations or can help to control pedestrian traffic by creating structures which keep pedestrians and vehicles separate in busy areas.

Guardrails are often powder coated, usually in safety yellow, to provide additional visible demarcation.

In areas where the risk of hazard is high or where access is restricted, welded mesh panels and self-closing gates can provide further protection.

  • Provide safety around workstations and machinery
  • Separate traffic zones from restricted areas
  • Protect equipment and personnel from forklift and vehicle traffic
  • Shield electrical panels and hazardous storage areas
  • Improve safety on catwalks and mezzanine floors

Kee Safety Handrails

Kee Safety handrails are constructed using slip-on pipe fittings. Our guardrails are made from KEE KLAMP galvanised steel fittings or KEE LITE aluminium components and offer highly cost effective and easy to use systems. Both types of handrails can be used in internal and external applications. An additional powder coating can be applied to increase visibility of safety guardrails.

Installing barriers using modular components is quicker and more flexible than fabricated systems. There is no need for detailed site surveys. A simple layout drawing showing where to place the uprights is all that is required before construction of the barrier can begin. Fittings can easily accommodate changes in level or direction, and can meet virtually any design requirement.

  • Simple way to create guardrails and handrails
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Galvanised steel or aluminium options
  • No welding, bending or threading required
  • Main fittings are TÜV certified
  • Quick installation using a hexagon key
  • Sections can be added and modified when needed
  • Use standard tube
  • Tube and fittings can be powder coated

Extensive Range of Safety Products

Kee Safety manufactures an extensive range of products to help you to create a safe environment at your plant. This includes safety railing systems, safe access solutions and fall protection equipment for working at height. Our systems can provide you with affordable, safe and reliable solutions.

  • Safety guardrails and barriers
  • Quick assembly safety railing kits
  • Access and work platforms
  • Self closing safety gates
  • Pallet gates
  • Roof edge protection systems
  • Life line fall protection
  • Rooftop walkways
  • Step over platforms
  • Fragile roof light covers

Site Surveys, Design & Installation Service

Kee Safety Singapore Pte. Ltd. offers its customers a complete service from site surveys and technical advice, through to design and installation. To help you comply with Health & Safety Regulations, and to establish the best solution for your site requirements, our engineers can carry out professional site surveys and advise on the appropriate high standard solution.

During the survey we can offer a full site assessment, ensuring you are fully compliant with the legislation for protecting your employees. To achieve this we can advise you on our extensive range of solutions such as handrailing, machinery guardrailing and working at height systems. To arrange a free site survey call (+65) 6385 4166 or email [email protected].

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