News / Video: Skylight Covers Provide Safety For Roof Maintenance

Video: Skylight Covers Provide Safety For Roof Maintenance

Video: Skylight Covers Provide Safety For Roof Maintenance

Kee Safety's Distribution Partner installed KEE COVER fragile roof light covers on the roofs of several Porcelanosa’s retail sites in the UK.

Falls through fragile roofs account for a large proportion of falls from height. These usually occur on the roofs of factories and warehouses, where repair or cleaning work is being undertaken.

The Client

Founded in Spain in 1973 as a specialist in ceramic tiles and flooring, Porcelanosa is synonymous with innovative design and unbeatable quality, and has a presence in over 150 countries worldwide.  

As part of its commitment to safety, the company is undergoing a program to ensure anyone requiring access to its roofs for maintenance purposes, can do so in complete safety.

The Problem

Many of the Porcelanosa's roofs already included fall protection measures such as lifelines, but, as with many large retail and warehouse units, the roofs also featured fragile skylights which provide natural light for the buildings.

The Solution

After researching skylight safety, Porcelanosa contacted Kee Systems – Kee Safety's Distributor Partner, about KEE COVER skylight fall protection for their UK stores.  Kee Systems carried out a site survey at the largest property in Watford and then successfully quoted for the contract.

A total of 2,570 KEE COVERS roof light covers have been installed on the roofs of seven Porcelanosa’s retail sites in the UK over a 9-month period. The modular design allowed the skylight covers to be installed quickly and easily, minimising disruption to the busy retail sites.

The Video Case Study

Watch the video case study to see how Porcelanosa protected its industrial roof lights with our KEE COVER skylight covers.


The KEE COVER Roof Light Cover

KEE COVER provides an effective, robust solution for protecting fragile roof lights and skylights, and is perfect for industrial sites such as factories and warehouses.

KEE COVER skylight cover sits onto metal frames constructed from KEE KLAMP fittings, which are then fixed virtually flat to the roof’s surface. The system is ideal for trapezoidal and standing seam roofs, is hot dip galvanised for durability, and does not block light.

KEE COVER is also available in a raised format, where the mesh panel is mounted onto small legs and raised above the skylight, giving a greater distance between it and the mesh panel.  In the event of a fall, this prevents the skylight from damage as the KEE COVER absorbs the impact.

With installation complete on all stores, Porcelanosa has ensured that all fall risks on its UK roofs are protected, and that maintenance work can be carried out in complete safety.

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