Aluminium Anodised Handrails for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Installation Details

Kee Safety designed, supplied and installed more than 500 linear metres of Kee Lite Aluminium Anodised handrails for the Razeen Labour City Wastewater Treatment Plant in Abu Dhabi, the UAE.

The head works are designed for 16,000 m³/day average daily flow and peak flow of 62,200 m³/day. The biological process (aeration tanks and settling tanks) is separated into two lines. The treated sewage effluent (TSE) is re-used for irrigation purposes.

The speed of installation was very important to the Contractor. KEE LITE requires NO welding, so we could, in most cases, exceed their expectations. The lifetime of the KEE LITE Aluminium Handrail is expected to exceed the operational life of the Plant due to all components and tube being anodised to a minimum of 25 microns. Even in these harsh conditions where toxic gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) are present, the KEE LITE handrails will be structurally sound for many years.

Kee Safety has supplied aluminium handrail systems to many Sewage Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations, Petrochemical Plants and Desalination Plants around the World.

KEE LITE Aluminum Handrails Advantages:

  •     Speed of installation
  •     Fully adjustable to meet on site requirements
  •     High grade silicon magnesium alloy safety components
  •     TUV approved for quality, strength and durability
  •     Opportunity to remove damaged section without removing entire handrailing
  •     Installation is achieved using an allen key and pipe cutter
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