Bespoke Access Platforms for Aircraft Maintenance

  • Bespoke access platforms for Embraer 1000 aircraft maintenance
  • Custom made safe access platforms for Embraer 1000 aircraft maintenance
  • Work platforms for safe Embraer 1000 aircraft maintenance
  • Tailored to customer needs steps and platforms for Embraer 1000 aircraft maintenance

Installation Details

The Challenge

Maintaining aircrafts is critical to their operation. The length and depth of inspections vary greatly, with an aircraft undergoing an annual C-check, for example, the depths of are more extensive, requiring a large majority of the aircrafts components to be inspected.

Working at height around any aircraft is largely unavoidable due to their sheer size. Flight controls will often not be reachable directly from the hanger floor and maintenance engineers will require assistance in accessing these areas safely.


The Solution

In this case study, Kee Safety demonstrates how bespoke access platforms, designed to specific client requirements, delivered a tailored work at height safety solution for the Embraer 1000 aircraft maintenance.

Engineers required access over the port and starboard wings, enabling them to work down the side of the aircraft and needed access to the two rear-mounted engines. Around the tail, the rudder for example, had to be function tested whilst any equipment was in place.

The solution was to provide port and starboard wing-spanning assemblies, giving the side and engine access that the client required.

Around the tail of the aircraft, a 2-level Taildock system gave access to the complete vertical and horizontal stabilisers, which was fitted with sliding decks to allow the function testing of the rudder.

Manufactured from lightweight aluminium and set on low-resistant castors, the wing and Taildock systems can be quickly manoeuvred into position for the maintenance to start. With large working platform areas needed for the more in-depth maintenance checks, the platforms offer the perfect working area for the aircraft technicians.


The Benefits

Bespoke access platforms designed by Kee Safety offered the customer many specific benefits which led them to choose this solution.

  • The ability to access all flight controls safely, quickly, and easily. Which in turn maximises the time to work on the aircraft.
  • Multi-level safe access to the specific work areas.
  • A supplier with a proven track record with similar projects.
  • Quick turnaround to meet the tight timescales of the project.
  • A fully modular system that can be easily and quickly positioned by the engineers working on the aircraft.



  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility
  • Safe access for the engineering team
  • Delivery within a tight timescale.
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