Lifeline Fall Protection for Container Handling Systems in Hong Kong

Installation Details

Kee Safety’s KEELINE lifeline fall protection system was installed at container handling systems at Modern Terminals in Hong Kong.

Modern Terminals is a pioneer in the growth of the container terminal industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China. They opened Hong Kong’s first purpose-built container-handling facility in 1972. Currently they run 4 different ports in Hong Kong, having more than 170 container handling systems.



Modern Terminals was looking for a fall protection solution for maintenance teams accessing their Container Handling systems in Hong Kong.


Our Solution

In order to prevent people falling from height whilst carrying out maintenance on the Container Handling system, KEELINE lifeline fall protection system has been custom designed and installed on their system.



KEELINE was the best fall protection solution for maintenance teams accessing client’s Container Handling system. Kee Safety Singapore was able to customise our solution to suit the customer requirements.

Our KEELINE for Structures provides the horizontal lifeline components to allow mounting directly to concrete, steel, brick or stonework either in the horizontal or overhead application. Our system was installed on to container handling system without any drilling and welding.

Installation was completed within a week, after vigorous third-party testing on site.

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