Lifeline Fall Protection for Hong Kong International School

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Installation Details

The customer

Through one of our long-term Fall Protection Partners in Hong Kong, Kee Safety was approached to help ensure safe roof gutter and window maintenance for the International School in Hong Kong.

The problem

Accessing roof gutters and windows for cleaning and maintenance is inherently dangerous. However, being unable to carry out this viral work can lead to gutter blockages and costly leaks inside the building. As such, maintenance teams at the International School in Hong Kong required a safe and efficient way to carry out this work.

After receiving the enquiry, Kee Safety’s Fall Protection Partner in Hong Kong carried out a comprehensive site survey, identifying the main problem points and requirements, allowing them to recommend the best safety solution. Based on the site survey, Kee Safety’s partner suggested the KeeLine horizontal lifeline.

The solution

Horizontal lifelines are a fantastic solution for safe roof work such as maintenance. These personal fall protection systems offer safe and secure working for trained users when collective solutions, such as roof guardrails, are not practicable.

Kee Safety Singapore was brought onto the project and drawings were prepared and reviewed by our skilled technical management team. Based on these designs, a bespoke KeeLine lifeline fall protection solution was provided.

The product

KeeLine lifelines offer unrivalled lifeline fall protection on roofs. A permanent, wire-based system, the KeeLine product allows for safe work on roofs whilst remaining virtually invisible. Fully compliant to all relevant guidelines, KeeLine is capable of operating with complete safety in both fall arrest and fall restraint, allowing for hands-free maintenance work to be carried out.

The system was easily clamped around the existing steel frame of the roof, offering full protection without being obtrusive. As the work was carried out when the school was closed due to COVID-19, there was minimal interruption.

Kee Safety Singapore is proud to supply the safe, effective solution for working at height, ensuring full protection and customer satisfaction.

For more information or to discuss your rooftop safety needs with our team, call Kee Safety Singapore on +65 6385 4166 or use our online contact form.

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