News / Handrails & Guardrails: Slip-On Fittings vs Fabrication

Handrails & Guardrails: Slip-On Fittings vs Fabrication

Handrails & Guardrails: Slip-On Fittings vs Fabrication

Handrails and guardrails are a popular solution for keeping people safe from hazards. But what is the best railing system?

In any area where there are people, it is vital they are protected and kept separate from hazards such as heights, perimeter edges or water.  Handrails and guardrails serve as a barrier between the public or contractors and hazards.

Two main types of handrail design are tube fittings and fabrications.

Fabricated guardrails

Fabricated guardrails are built off-site, and they require a lot of preparation and design work which involves many draft versions. The prefabricated structures are then delivered to the site and must be installed by a skilled fitter with the required training and permits, creating many health and safety issues.

Fabricated structures are also prone to rusting, as the required drilling compromises the anti-corrosion coating, turning the barriers - installed to protect people from hazards - into hazards themselves.

When corroded, handrails themselves can become a hazard.

Guardrails made from tube fittings

What is the alternative? When it comes to ease of installation, flexibility and durability, tube fittings are clearly a better solution than fabrication.

Kee Safety Singapore supplies handrail and guardrail systems made from tube fittings, which can meet virtually any design requirement thanks to their modular nature. Our fittings are used in a wide range of building industry applications.

With Kee Safety’s fittings, there’s no need for skilled labour or special work permits, as the structure only requires a general arrangement drawing, and anyone can fit the railing system thanks to the use of simple hexagonal set screws locking the fitting to the tube. Using Kee Safety’s fittings, contractors can assemble structures much more quickly, safely and cost-effectively when compared to outdated on-site fabricating and welding methods. 

Modular handrails and guardrails

Because there is no cutting or welding of components, the integrity of all coatings is left intact. A typical KEE KLAMP galvanised structure lasts up to seven times longer than a fabricated one.

When a section of railing does begin to fail, or becomes damaged, it’s a simple matter of removing the section and fitting a replacement, and no hot works or special permits required.

Kee Safety Singapore also offer KEE LITE aluminium fittings, ideal for harsh environments, e.g. water treatment plants. Our aluminium fittings can be anodised, providing the extra corrosion protection needed.

Due to these many benefits, we believe KEE KLAMP and KEE LITE fittings are the superior choice to fabricated systems, offering a strong and durable solution for separating people from hazards.

Video Fittings vs. Fabrication

To find out more, you can watch the Kee Safety’s video Fittings vs. Fabrication explaining advantages of using tube fittings over fabricated structures.


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