News / Safety is Kee when it Comes to Separating People From Hazards

Safety is Kee when it Comes to Separating People From Hazards

Safety is Kee when it Comes to Separating People From Hazards

Kee Safety is a leading global supplier of safety barrier components, bespoke systems for roof edge protection and fall prevention and safe access solutions, all designed to separate people from hazards. Kee Safety strives to provide clients with the highest level of safety solutions, and has proven to do so, with its products being used to protect people in many applications and countries around the globe.

Kee Safety has been trading in the Asia Pacific region since the 1980’s, supplying the aviation, power, oil and gas, commercial and government sectors. In February 2014, Kee Safety opened its regional office in Singapore. With a local office and warehouse, Kee Safety Singapore Pte Ltd is able to provide health and safety professionals with full access to its complete product range and design services, combined with short delivery lead times.

Kee Safety Products

Kee Safety offers one of the most extensive safety product ranges on the market. Not only are the products designed using high quality materials, they also comply with relevant international standards.

Fall Protection

Within the fall protection arena, Kee Safety offers both collective and personal fall protection systems.

Collective Fall Protection

This product range includes KeeGuard® roof edge protection, a modular free standing rooftop guardrail system that does not penetrate the roof surface and can be used on flat roofs up to 10° slope, KeeGuard® Topfix, a guardrail solution suitable for all metal roofs up to 45°, and KeeGuard® Premium, the edge protection solution for roofs with limited space such as where solar panels have been installed. KeeGuard® systems are compliant with OSHA, EN 14122-3 and EN 13374 Class A.




Personal Fall Protection

KeeLine® is a horizontal lifeline system designed for use on roofs where guardrails are not suitable or when a virtually invisible solution is required. Installed as a permanent lifeline system and suitable for use on a number of different roof types, it offers uninterrupted access for up to three users when used as a fall arrest system. KeeLine® complies with EN 795:2012.






Safety Barriers

Kee Safety barrier systems offer a cost effective alternative to traditional welded handrails. Guardrails are quick and easy to design and install and very cost effective due to the modularity of their parts.

Kee Safety supplies Kee Klamp® tubular fittings made from malleable iron and Kee Lite® aluminium fittings. Both types can be used in internal and external applications.

Slip-on fittings securely join standard sizes of structural tubes into almost any configuration imaginable, utilising the widest range of fittings available on the market today. Construction requires a simple hex key only - no threading, welding or bolting is required so no need for hot work permits.

All fittings incorporate an integral socket screw which locks the fitting securely onto its tube to give an excellent slip load performance. The extensive range ensures that they can also cope easily with any changes in direction or gradient, and accommodate requirements for quickly adapting or extending an existing structure. The end result is a finished structure with uniform appearance which meets guaranteed design loads and high corrosion resistance demands. Kee Klamp® and Kee Lite® fittings have been tested and approved by TÜV for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency.

Safe Access Solutions

Kee Walk® is a permanent roof top walkway solution for use on composite, trapezoidal metal profiles and standing seam roofs. The system provides a demarcated walking surface protecting the roof’s surface from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage. As an off-the shelf, modular system which can be easily adapted to a wide range of different roof, pitches and configurations, Kee Walk® is easy to install and cost-effective on either flat, barrel or sloping surfaces. The Kee Walk® system is CE marked and compliant with EN 516.



Bespoke access platforms are designed to customer requirements to provide safe access to areas where off the shelf fabricated platforms or other systems like ladders are not suitable. Platforms are compliant with recognised international standards and constructed using either cast iron or aluminium tubular fittings.

Kee Gate® safety gates are spring loaded so can automatically close behind the user, providing an added level of security and overcoming the potential for human error. This type of system is the preferred solution to chains, bars or sliding tubes, as these traditional forms of protection can lead to a hazardous void when used incorrectly. Kee Gate® self-closing gates are compliant with EN 13374 Class A and EN 14122 Part 3 & Part 4, and OSHA.




Kee Safety aims to eliminate hazards, prevent falls and reduce the consequences of a fall. To do so, the company supports its customers with not only a large product range, but also expert advice and services.

Kee Safety offers site surveys undertaken by trained work at height specialists, and a full design and installation service to ensure compliance with all major standards and statutory requirements.

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