Road Safety Guardrails

  • Guardrailing structures by the road
  • KEE KLAMP guardrailing structures
  • KEE KLAMP guardrailing structures
  • Road safety guardrails
  • Road safety guardrails

Installation Details

KEE KLAMP tubular fittings are being used on a number of highway projects due to their ease of installation, adaptability, and high corrosion resistance.  With maintenance teams accessing electrical boxes on the side of the road, pedestrians walking along bridges and contractors improving road networks, systems that provide safety in these situations are essential.

KEE KLAMP guardrailing structures have been installed on concrete capping beams running along the top of sheet pole retaining walls and on concrete headwalls for drainage outlets into balancing ponds. These structures ensure protection for road maintenance teams accessing these areas, helping to prevent falls from height. The KEE KLAMP structures are equally afford safety to motorists whose cars may have broken down on the road. 

KEE KLAMP components are selected for construction of road safety guardrails because they provide a quick and easy to install which is capable of adapting to different circumstances, and are cost-effective.

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